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Pedestrian Malls & Island Plaza, Tarleton State University, Spehenville, Texas
ABC South Texas Excellence in Construction Award
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Competitive Bid
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The existing pavements and sidewalks on Doc Blanchard Boulevard, Military Circle, Military Drive and Founders Common were demolished. They were replaced with concrete reinforced pavement and 4’ sidewalks. 4x8 paver bricks were installed in herringbone pattern to complete Military Drive and Circle. In Founders Common spiral walls were fabricated with limestone slabs and spiral seat walls were finished with brick. The new fountain structure was installed and each piece of it was individually sculpted on-site to ensure the water flowed exactly as planned. Equipment and water storage vaults were also installed for the new fountain. The first statue of John Tarleton on campus was placed on the new fountain structure. A new irrigation system was installed and landscaping was undertaken at all project locations. An an impressive array of bushes, trees and flowers were planted to complete the project.

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