Construction Manager at Risk

As the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Alpha will work closely as a consultant to the owner and architect during the pre-construction phase and as a general contractor during the construction phase. Utilizing Alpha as the CMAR early in the design phase ensures a collaborative and inclusive environment. Alpha will work as part of your team by performing a constructability review and make recommendations on equipment, materials and processes following our comprehensive value analysis. By the end of the pre-construction phase Alpha will provide a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for the construction of the project.

In the construction phase Alpha will act as the general contractor and manage the entire construction process including materials, methodology, safety, subcontractors, suppliers, scheduling and quality control with ongoing collaborative communication with the design team and the owner.

Construction Manager at Risk is best suited for large projects that have potential to change in scope, are hard to define or have sensitive schedule. CM-at-Risk is also beneficial where there is a need for extensive construction management due to technical complexity, multi-trade coordination, or multiple phases.