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BIO Safety Level 3 Lab UTSA, San Antonio,Texas

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Some of the steps taken to assure an environment secure from toxins involves sealing all penetrations caulking the inside of switch covers, sealing around any floor and ceiling penetrations, sealing all electrical boxes and phone and data lines, and a system of interlocking doors which allows only one door to open at a time in order to maintain the air pressure in the lab. Special equipment required for this bio-safety hazard level includes highly advanced air handlers and purifiers that dispense the airborne waste in an environmentally protected manner. Both ends of the air handling system are cleaned using hepa filters. The floors of the laboratory are an epoxy-resin mix with cove base built in for spill containment. Removed and replaced existing Bio Safety Lab air handling with a custom air handler unit on the roof. Also removed and replaced existing rooftop exhaust fans with a much larger pair of fans. Rerouted existing duct work to provide a more balanced air supply for the anti-room and install new structural steel to support the new rooftop equipment. Provided and install electrical power for the new rooftop equipment.

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